Lose Up to Seven Pounds in Seven Days

Are you tired of having clothes that fit you too snug and grunting when you bend down to tie your shoes? I was too until discovering a way to lose up to seven pounds in a week.

Many years of yo-yo dieting left me at my heaviest weight and unhappiest ever in life. Various kinds of dieting had proved unsustainable and ended in discouragement.

Finally, after discovering WOW Smoothies, loose fitting clothes are a reality. The first week using WOW Smoothies I lost 6.5 pounds, and started on a journey leading to success.

Symmetry’s delicious WOW Smoothie is an ideal meal replacement product expertly formulated with state-of-the-art nutrients, an array of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and other synergistically blended nutrients. WOW is designed to help you lose 7 pounds in 7 days without robbing your body of vital nutrients.

Symmetry’s WOW Smoothie:

• Helps decrease hunger

• Helps control calorie intake

• Has only 70 calories

• Supports lean muscle development

• All vegetable/grain proteins

• Contains essential vitamins and minerals

• Has no soy protein or lactose

• Has no added sugar or artificial sweeteners

Additionally, WOW is an excellent alternative for those in a hurry that seek a quick, convenient and fulfilling meal. The smoothie can be combined with other fluids and blended with other elements for endless tasty recipes.

You too can again experience loose fitting clothing (without buying a size larger). By simply replacing two meals with WOW and eating one sensible meal daily, you will see results within one week. Your current weight and weight loss goals will help you to determine how many WOW smoothies you will need and for how long.

As a preferred customer, you can get WOW Smoothies for $32.15 plus tax and shipping. For about $2.30 per meal, how can you not afford to start on your own journey to success?

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